Union Medical Group

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful. But like all principles of the world, everything is not easily changed, rather collapses and destroyed.

There are steps we need to take to achieve what we want! Memory, youth, and dignity begin with efforts to restore body and mind.

The advanced healing center is a combination of holistic healing practices and doctoral collaboration with Bio, the representative menu of the fourth industry.

The Advanced Healing Center is a professional healing clinic that heals our body and pursues beauty with preventive medicine, technical diagnosis and treatment in the United States and Korea. We also have the Advanced Biotechnology Lab to help you provide tailor-made treatments to your clients through lab-based experiments. It is a healing center that pursues unique and diverse treatments.


We will do our best to keep your beauty as well as health and to prevent premature aging with an integrative medicine based on the balance of advanced healing center body energy and autonomic nervous system diagnosis.

The proposed advanced treatment centers are medical and health-related services for patients. By positioning itself as the premier medical facility, we will be able to provide quality healthcare services in the community and the surrounding area.