Botox & Energy Injection

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There is no perfect way to prevent wrinkles. However, there is a way to delay the occurrence of wrinkles. Applying sunscreen carefully, taking food containing antioxidants improve the nutritional status of the skin and reduce stress.

Nevertheless, if wrinkles occur, it can not be completely removed. You can try medical treatment at this time. Currently, the most popular wrinkle remedies are botox surgery.

Many people use botox surgery because it can be used quickly and safely without anesthesia or partial anesthesia.


Botox is most commonly used for wrinkles such as around eyes, forehead, legs, chin and middle of the forehead. It is also used for neck, nasolabial fold, lips and occipital folds.

Forehead wrinkles occur when eyebrows are raised or frown. In this case, only a small amount of botox injected can very effectively remove the wrinkles. This can also provide an added effect of lifting up the drooping eyebrows.

The effect of improving the overall face impression can also be expected. You can see the overall lifting effect by placing Botox with careful and sophisticated procedures on the major muscle parts of the face. As you get older, you can see the effects of clearing the facial contours and removing wrinkles through this operation.

Energy injection

It is a new injection therapy that helps to recover the diseases that have been limited by medication. It increases the natural healing power of the body by restoring the deteriorated cellular function by supplying nutrients such as various amino acids, vitamins and minerals to the body. The basic nutritional supplement helps to strengthen the immune system and restore energy with antioxidant effect.

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