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Oriental medicine emphasizes preventive medical management prior to illness
It describes the flow of the human body that changes as the person ages and tells that every human being changes (ages) in that particular flow.

Based on this oriental medicine principle, we have tried and will continue to do my best to make everybody who has visited us to improve the health and beauty together with their quality of life

The efficacy of fine herbal medicine

fine herb acupuncture queens nyc Fine herb acupuncture is a skin peeling operation with natural herbal ingredients.

 It is not a method of peeling off the skin surface by using a machine or chemical but it is a simple and easy procedure that induces the skin to regenerate the cells on its own, which is less painful and quicker to regenerate the skin.
The fine herb acupuncture cleanses the skin from dry and dark skin to improves color. It also regulates excessive secretion of sebum and gives elasticity to the skin that is stretched due to aging. 
Red acne scars and small acne can be relieved and wider pores can be reduced. It can improve the skin condition smoothly. It can be applied in a wide area, so it is possible to treat back acne and chest acne. Fine herb acupuncture is also effective in treating striae distensae and neck wrinkles.
  • wrinkle improvement
  • Protection from premature aging
  • Improved damaged skin
  • Improve acne scars

Brain Care – Cranial Therapy

cranial therapy queens nyc Cranial therapy is the treatment of the most important skull and sacral movements in the body. It improves the flow of CSF and activates the central nervous system, causing a therapeutic response to the body.

 As the head bones move, the membrane around the brain moves as well, and the deformation of the head bones reduces the function of the brain and causes various diseases.

It is the hallmark of the Cranial therapy that do not put a burden on the body and the effect is large.

Because it does not give any excessive stimulation or burden to the body, it is used for the treatment of children with developmental disorder, autism, tic disorder, mental illness, strabismus, learning disorder, ADHD etc.

Because there is no physical burden and no side effects, the longer the treatment period for refractory diseases, the better the treatment results.

    Ongung Therapy

     Ongung therapy for women, used as a natural aroma. Various treatments will solve all the problems that women can not speak.

     Aromatherapy is used with the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from medicinal plants that are distributed throughout the world, uses for the mental and psychological stability of the human body.

    Bone therapy

    bone therapy queens nycDid you know that when the balance of the body collapses, not only does the body become distorted, but it also destroys the body shape?

    Bone therapies are systematically administered to correct the balance of the body, creating a thin and resilient body shape.

    Based on a fundamental understanding of the skeleton and muscles, Bone Therapy treats the bones, fascia, muscles, and the lymph and nerves that flow inside them, so that they can straighten bones and muscles to create beautiful body shape.

    Continuous body pain is not simply healed by treating the surface of the skin. It is the only solution that can relieve the pressure of the nerve and even the pain of the body by stimulating the fascia between the muscles and the bones and muscles.

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