Stem cell and Lipolysis

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Recently, research and clinical studies on stem cell have shown that not only it helps the intractable diseases but also delays aging, general health care and cosmetics improvements. In fact, stem cell treatment has already been applied to blood diseases treatment including leukemia, and in neurological areas, stroke and multiple sclerosis are being treated. In addition, experimental studies on spinal cord injury and various neurodegenerative diseases have been actively conducted in many countries including South Korea.

Test & Treatment

  • Union General Hospital provides high-tech nebulizer therapy that absorbs MGF (Multi Growth Factor) solution, which synthesizes EGF and VENOM, which has already proved its effectiveness, through the skin by air pressure. It protects your health, will also provide satisfactory results for anti-aging as well as cosmetic effects.


  • As the existing adipocyte breakdown injection (PPC) has the adverse effects of fat necrosis, inflammation reaction and infection, we offer the Spella Body Cut solution that does not have the adverse effects. It separates the binding of adipocytes and cellulite, and the adipose cells themselves release lipid and water in adipocytes, move to the venous system and the lymphatic system, and ultimately release it out of the body.

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